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I got a review copy from Shimon.

I got this Video Bomber review copy with InstaQuote as well.
Already test both software, and I’m surprised with the speed of the video rendering.
This simple software is very easy like a factory machine that will create multiple videos in a very short time.

The only thing I hope is that Shimon will improve it with the ability to go HD size, as youtube now loves this size as minimal (it’s what I think BTW).
But overall, for newbies and those busy IMers who want to dominate youtube right away with unlimited videos every day, this VB software is the best option.
And yes, Shimon is right! The combination of VB & IQ (InstaQuote) would be a money saver and a super killer video machine.

Thank you, Shimon.

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I got a review copy for this software.

I have to say this is a great way to speed up the process for creating videos using pictures, music and text, I have experience making video using Windows Movie Maker, one of the easiest to use video editing apps, and this is much faster and easier.

Once you get your resources ready (compelling pictures and your text) this software will make creating several videos fast and easy. It even helps you with the text part by using a list of your keywords thru the video. You can now make videos on an industrial scale!


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Disclaimer: I received a review copy.

The first thing I noticed is the speed. Very quick, and you can easily start dominating YouTube right away with this software. Plus, it cuts away a lot of the tedious work on creating and uploading YT videos! I do agree with some people that an HD option would be awesome to add, but besides that, kudos on a well done product!


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I got a review copy of this software. I have tested both the softwares.
Insta Quote is a great software for creating viral images.
We all know how quotes get viral on Facebook. We have shared them multiple times.
Now we can create many such viral images with our brand in it. It a great free marketing method. YouTube Bomber is great as well. It creates multiple videos like a machine. You can use the Insta Quote images to create your videos.

The whole package come with thousands of Quotes, images and music loops which can be used for creating quotes and videos. There is also hundreds of “Click Link in the Description” images which you can use at the end of your videos and get many clicks.

I recommend this software to every IMer.

Thank you Shim for the review copy.


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I got the chance to review this beast and I was able to pop out 20 instances of one video. This should help when you are trying to target videos to rank with different keywords. There are so many you can use to take your video marketing to the next level. I won’t say it produces the best quality videos but it’s a very handy tool and the bonuses also goes well with the software and for the price the OP is selling, it really is a no brainer!


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VIDEO BOMBER: The Last Block In YouTube Puzzle

Before I got my hands on Video Bomber, here was the process of my promotion using YouTube: I normally make 2 videos after researching the easily ranked keywords (Thanks to Shimon’s other software) Then I would go ahead to make the video, normally through outsourcers. Most often than not, they take more than 1 week. (The last 2 I ordered is taking 2 weeks and they are not delivered yet.)
Come Video Bomber, within minutes, I had produced 8 videos based on the keywords I wanted. It took me 3 trials before I could get the result I wanted; and BAM! I can produce any number of videos I need. You can make them (the videos) as sophisticated as you want. The quality you prefer can be adjusted to your taste. It does not cluster your hard disk with sluggish download or any of such problems attached to other software of its peer.
Now I can go out and do as much exploit as I want. This is a must for all marketers.



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Thank Shimon for the review of video bomber, your products are amazing, i had bought your software easyrank.

This software is a gold mine that saves a lot of time to webmarketers, with this software the video marketing becomes a breeze! I recommend it to anyone wanting to do marketing with video.

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Spacial Coupons for launch

I create 10 coupons of $15 discount that you get VIDEO BOMBER for ONLY $12 – the coupon code is: “bomber15

I create 10 coupons of $27 discount – so get INSTAQUOTE + VIDEO BOMBER for ONLY 20$ The coupon code is: “instabomber

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